2019-06-28 10:10:50

Instead of just drinking a coconut and calamansi (citrus) juice or a normal soft drink, you could treat your significant other or friends with a cocktail from coconut water, calamansi juice, and Sprite along with just a bit of grenadine syrup. The refreshing, light sour taste combines with the striking red color from pomegranate to create an appealing, tasty cocktail.



- 200 ml Cocoxim coconut water with citrus

- 100 ml Sprite

- 10 ml calamansi juice

- 15 ml grenadine syrup

- Ice cubes



- Put the ingredients into a glass, stir evenly to make sure it is well mixed.

- Decorate the drink with strawberry, pomegranate and enjoy

It should take less than 10 minutes for you and your lover to enjoy a home-made cocktail. The First Kiss Cocktail will taste better if you drink it right after made.