The conditions for evaluating the coconut meet the Organic ...

2019-06-28 10:10:51

The top coconut supplier - Betrimex has used the criteria for evaluating coconut to the Organic standard, from coconut planting - coconut care and coconut harvesting. With such strict verification procedures, Betrimex is committed to providing the highest quality Organic Coconut products to consumers.

How Organic Coconut Rating?

In recent times, the media has constantly reported on the status of "dirty" foods that are flooding the market, raising concerns about human health. Therefore, the emergence of organic organic food that provides both safety and quality as well as environmental friendliness is expected to bring a new consumer trend.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines organic agriculture, which is a system of farming and natural breeding, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides or preservatives ... produced from chemical plants. Organic farming is a natural farming method that can help maintain soil fertility, protect water resources and minimize environmental pollution, while ensuring health for humans.
Most of the foods and beverages presently have more or less suppliers and producers oriented towards this model, including coconut water. Many leading coconut producers such as Betrimex have grasped the trend of using organic coconut water in the domestic and international markets, so they have invested in the development of coconut raw materials that comply with stringent organic standards. The international certification organization, aims to ensure the supply of Organic Coconut products with the best quality.

  • Organic foods are classified into 4 groups according to the percentage (%) of organic ingredients in which:
  • Organic Food (100% organic) does not contain any other chemical.
  • Organic Food contains over 95% organic matter used.
  • "Made with organic ingredients" means that at least 70% of organic matter is used.
  • "Some organic ingredients" with less than 70% organic matter used.

With the above classification, Coconut Coconut Organic Coconut water is the purest organic product (100% Organic) because the ingredient is made from 100% pure coconut water without adding any ingredients (no add sugar, no preservatives, no food additives, ...)

How Organic Coconut is grown and managed?

Qualified organic coconuts bring a lot of benefits to the user, but the organic farming conditions for these coconuts are not easy. Some conditions to be met include: no use of chemical fertilizers; There is no interference with the use of chemical pesticides derived from chemicals; No livestock grazing on coconut gardens; At the same time, no fish bridges were built and used in the coconut gardens. In addition, the nutrient source for the coconut is used from organic / organic compost.

The Leading Coconut Water Supplier

It is noteworthy that the process of transporting and classifying the coconuts should be noted and need to have separate areas to avoid both coconut and coconut. In particular, the production line must be "washed" after each production of different products to avoid the production of organic products.
The organic certification that Betrimex currently has
Among the leading coconut suppliers today, Betrimex is considered as a prominent enterprise in the investment and effort to achieve international standards certified organic coconut material. The development of the "10,000ha Organic Coconut" is the continuous effort of Betrimex. In addition, the cooperation with farmers in Ben Tre province plays no small role.
In order to achieve organic certification in accordance with international standards, Control Union experts came to Betrimex's coconut material areas for periodic inspection, monitoring and testing to ensure compliance with the regulations. organic matter. Currently, Betrimex has obtained American Organic Certification (USDA), EU, JAS (Japan) and Korea. Consumers inside and outside the country can trust and peace of mind about the safe use of Coconut Coconut water
Organic Coconut Water Products of Ben Tre Import Export Company (Betrimex) have been exported to many markets such as USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Establishing the position of Betrimex in the international market, contributing to bringing the taste of Ben Tre coconut to the world