2020-08-14 15:23:29

You have a passion with digital transformation and management systems.
You want to learn and operate big systems in the digital transformation phase?
COCOXIM TRANSFORMATION LEADER 2020 is an amazing opportunity for you.
Becoming a member of CTL2020 you will:
Be creative and improve your skills with technology projects, management projects such as SAP, DMS, WMS, E-bidding, CRM, HRM, FMS, BI, ...
Get skills and knowledge development from senior managers.
Attractive salary for a fresh graduate.
Recruitment requirements:
Fresh graduate or less than 2 years of experience
 Passionate about management systems and technology
 Ability to think, analyze sharp
Good command of English
🏢Working place: Betrimex building, 62 Tran Huy Lieu, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh city.
Register to join COCOXIM TRANSFORMATION LEADER 2020 - CTL2020 right now!

💥💥💥Application Link:

Application Deadline: 11::59 PM, Saturday, 05/09/2020
Tel: (+84) 287.3010.668