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2019-06-28 10:54:52

Cocoxim Organic use materials from organic coconuts, canned on Tetra Pak's production lines and under sterilization technology of UHT.

According to Ms. Dao Thi Thien Thanh - the chairwoman of Ben Tre Import-Export Corporation (BETRIMEX) – organic food are becoming the world's largest consumer trend and gradually popular in Vietnam. Reflecting this trend of consuming healthy food, BETRIMEX has invested in the latest technology to develop an organic coconut farming method to establish a new product named Cocoxim Organic coconut water.

Cocoxim Organic coconut water of BETRIMEX is now available in supermarket and convenience stores across the country with a retailing price of 27,000 VND per 330 ml box.

In doing so, the product is canned by the latest technology from Tetra Pak with direct sterilization technology. Therefore, Cocoxim Organic can keep its original taste of coconut water while retaining the exact same variety of vitamins and minerals without the use of additional preservatives, food coloring or condensed coconut milk.

In addition, to create a sustainable coconut material area, since 2015, BETRIMEX has become a pioneer in creating a project to help local farmers improve their coconut farming techniques and catching up with organic food standards in America and EU issued by the Peterson Control Union – the global network specializing in agricultural inspections. In order to achieve this certification, the coconut farms must comply with strict criteria such as not using genetically modified seedlings, not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides at least 3 years before the evaluation, non-grazing cattle on the coconut farm, etc.

In an effort to encourage local farmers to participate in the project, the company takes responsibility to supply them with quality agricultural materials, provide training sessions on organic farming and buy their coconuts with a price 5-10% higher than the market. Consequently, the number of BETRIMEX-backed coconut farms achieving organic certifications following American and European standards has increased rapidly. From only 120.6 hectares in late 2015, the area is increased to 3,500 hectares in 2018.

"Our goal is not only to produce clean and delicious drinks from coconut water like Cocoxim Organic but also to ensure the sustainable growth for the local economy by bringing Ben Tre coconuts the world. We want to help the farmers to have a life-sufficiency with this traditional profession," said Ms. Dao Thi Thien Thanh.

BETRIMEX’s Cocoxim Organic has launched in mid-August and rapidly presented in retail systems throughout the country while being exported to over 20 countries around the world, including highly demanding markets such as the United States, Japan, the UK, and Australia.

Coconut water Cocoxim Organic is well-received in developed countries where customers are in favored of organic food.

According to a report from the online market data company Statista, organic food sales reached 90 billion globally as of 2016, with America as the largest market consumed. Another report in 2018 survey by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Bonn, Switzerland is now the most largest market with organic food consumption per capita reached 274 euros per person a year. They are followed by Denmark, Sweden, and Luxembourg.