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2019-06-28 10:55:02

In order to meet the new trends of organic living lifestyle that are on a high rise in the country and the whole world, Ben Tre Import-Export Joint Stock Company (BETRIMEX) has deployed the project "10,000 hectares organic coconut farm for farmers." This ambitious project shows the company passion for the growth of Vietnam’s coconut and the economy of local farmers.


A dream for Vietnam’s coconuts

It can be arguably said that coconut trees have become a symbol of Vietnamese agricultural. Not only a symbolic image for the country or the quintessential fruits in Tet’s offerings, but the coconut consumption is also very common in daily life. When being asked about coconuts, Vietnamese people will instantly think of the Ben Tre. The humble province owns more than 70,000 hectares of coconut farms (accounting for 44% of coconut farming area of the country), which yields about 600 million coconuts per year. The place is well-known as the "land of coconut” in Vietnam. In addition to its remarkable production, Ben Tre’s coconuts are also exceptionally highly valued by customers for its thick shell – perfect for producing the finest charcoal products, durable fibrous seed coat, delicious white flesh, and refreshing water.

With the advantage of resourceful and quality materials, the coconut processing industry of Ben Tre has achieved some success in the past though it clearly still has a vast potential to develop. If compared to other industrial crops, the coconut industry is still relatively young. The efficiency in extracting products from coconuts is modest due to the lack of optimal production process. This has caused a large number coconuts to be wasted annually. Plus, a steady decline in quality is causing financial troubles for local farmers.

Project "10,000 hectares of organic coconut farm for farmers."

As one of the most passionate partners of Ben Tre’s coconut farmers, BETRIMEX is putting the mission of finding a new direction for Ben Tre’s specialty their no.1 priority. The company has the ambition to improve the lives of the local farmers that they boldly invested in latest technologies and production lines to produce high-quality products from coconuts.

The BETRIMEX organic coconuts, which were planted and produced under strict criteria, are being well-received by international costumers.

BETRIMEX also made a cohenrent direction to build up a new area of coconut farms following organic stands to produce "fresh and clean" coconuts, ensuring a balanced long-term ecosystem. They have a dream of building "10,000 hectares of organic coconut farm for farmers," applying the strict organic farming processes on par with international standards.

These standards include the using of non-chemical fertilizers, not using unauthorized chemical products, non-grazing cattle and not building toilet facilities in coconut farms. Instead, all resources for the coconut farms are made of organic fertilizers or micro-organisms that were strictly inspected by the Peterson Control Union – the global network specializing in agricultural inspections. To achieve this certification, the coconut farms must comply with harsh criteria following international standards.

The well-deserved rewards from an ambitious dream

In order to bring the idea of building 10,000 hectares of organic coconut farm come to life, BETRIMEX has implemented a new model of partnership with the farmers. When the farmers agree to participate in the project, the company will not only support them with quality agricultural supplies but also adequate training for the new organic farming methods. Especially, the company offers lucrative proposal to harvest the organic coconuts at a higher price than market norms up to 5-10%.

Thanks to this partnership, BETRIMEX and the farmers are making a drastic change to expand the area of organic coconut farms in the local. In September 2015, there were only 101.82 hectares of coconut farm granted Organic certifications following American and European standards. By the year 2018, this number had risen to 1,500 hectares and expected to reach 10,000 hectares at the end of 2020.

A representative of the company said: "Not only were we focusing on building and developing organic coconut farming area following Organic standards, but BETRIMEX also boldly invested in the latest production lines by UHT and packaging solutions by Tetra Pak. The ultimate goal is to bring quality products to our customers."

The decision to invest in "10,000 hectares of organic coconut farms for farmers" is considered a thoughtful strategy for helping the company be ready to respond well to the demand of domestic and foreign markets. Moreover, the development and construction of organic coconut farms is also a commitment from the company to bring value to local farmers, its partners, customers and to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international markets.

Cocoxim Organic is produced from organic materials following international standards.

Recently, BETRIMEX has released their new Cocoxim Organic containing 100% natural organic coconut water, sugar-free, coconut milk-free. The products are available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide with a retail price of 27,000 VND per 330 ml box.