A good natural coconut water company for you

2019-11-29 09:09:36

A good natural coconut water company for you and your family

Ben Tre Import and Export Joint Stock Company was formerly Ben Tre Import and Export Company, this natural coconut water company was established in 1976 and officially equitized in 2006 with the trade name Betrimex. The company's head office and system of factories are located in Ben Tre province, which has the largest coconut area in the country with over 70,000 ha and annually harvests over 450 million coconuts. In addition, Ben Tre is also known for many specialty fruits and especially near the important rice export center of the Mekong Delta region.

About this natural coconut water company

This company is located at 75/4/4 Street, Ward 3, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province
In 2015, this company inaugurated natural coconut water & coconut milk factory with Tetra Pak technology line. They set up branches in Singapore and the US in 2017. In 2018, the company inaugurated a coconut oil and juice production line at the TTC factory in Phong Nam Industrial Zone, Ben Tre. It is expected that in 2025, this natural coconut water company will complete a project called "10,000 ha of Organic coconut gardens" for farmers in the Mekong Delta.

The fact of the matter is that over 40 years of construction and development, JSC Import and Export Ben Tre (Betrimex) has quickly asserted its brand in the field of processing and exporting coconut products. They have had difficulties but also have outstanding achievements, contributing to raising the value of Vietnamese coconut trees.

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This company was established in 1976 and officially equitized in 2006 with the trade name Betrimex
Aiming at becoming a leading company in the export of coconut products, Betrimex has invested heavily in its factory and technology to meet international quality standards.

They use the world's leading production line of Tetra Pak Group (Sweden) and direct UHT sterilization technology. This is the latest technology, ensuring safety for consumer health and can retain the most natural flavor of coconut. The production process is completely closed, environmentally friendly, meeting certifications such as FSSC 22000, BRC, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, USDA-NOP, EU-ORGANIC, BSCI, ISO 14001: 2005, OHSAS 18001: 2007

There is no denying that this natural coconut water company has gained many international certifications and they have exported more than 40 countries worldwide. In particular, this natural coconut water company received many compliments from foreign partners

If in the past, farmers often faced two major difficulties: the uncertainty of market prices was sometimes very low; and saline soils lead to a sharp decline in productivity, Betrimex's Organic Coconut Garden project is a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the local community. At Betrimex, coconut raw material areas are cultivated according to organic standards and certified organic by the USA, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan.

This natural coconut water company pledge that no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides, no livestock in coconut gardens. Nutrient source for coconut garden is used from organic fertilizer. They kill insects by natural methods. Their coconut gardenl is converted organically from 2-3 years according to American and European organic standards. Coconuts will be purchased when they are old enough, transport and closed production to ensure quality.

Not merely complying with social rules, this natural coconut water company are also actively involved in volunteer activities, helping the community; identify the needs of society and bring to market products that contribute to building a better world.

This natural coconut water company are also very concerned about the environment. They use Tetra Pak technology, each product box is structured from 6 different layers. As a result, it can be recycled to make use of up to 50% - 55% of pulp, saving energy and protecting the environment. In addition, the use of FSC-certified Tetra Pak packaging (Forest Stewardship Council) also contributes to the protection of regenerated forests and resources.

Waste treatment system with a capacity of up to 500m3 / day & night, applying the most modern biological treatment technology of AAO and MBBR. Waste water after treatment meets the discharge standard of QCVN 40: 2011 BTNMT and is reused to irrigate plants and mix chemicals. The wastewater treatment system of the TTC plant is a model system for the wastewater treatment of coconut processing industry in Vietnam, visited and studied by many units and students of universities.

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Their products are very diverse

Why should you use their products

They not onlu offer natural coconut water but also some other products including coconut fruit juice, coconut milk, desiccated coconut.

Skin beauty

Research has shown that the cytokinin found in natural coconut water helps regulate skin cell growth. Besides, natural coconut water contains lauric acid which can reduce the aging of skin cells, balance the pH level and keep the skin tissues strong, moisturize the skin.

Recover energy, replenish minerals & water quickly

Thanks to its abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, natural coconut water is an excellent energy supplement with far less sugar and sodium content than other sports drinks. At the same time, natural coconut water also provides Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), which helps restore and boost your energy.

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Thanks to its many vitamins, minerals and nutrients, natural coconut water is an excellent energy supplement. Source: betrimex.com.vn

Did you know that more than 60% of the fat in coconut milk is immediately converted into energy in the liver, quickly provides energy for you to work long and limit fat storage

Reduce high blood pressure

Research has shown that people with high blood pressure often have lower levels of potassium in the body than normal people. Therefore, drinking natural coconut water regularly is effective in regulating high blood pressure because it is high in potassium and lauric acid.

Weight loss

Natural coconut water is rich in natural electrolytes to enhance the metabolism of the body. Therefore, natural coconut water is very helpful for those who are struggling with their weight problems.

Strengthen digestive and immune system

Natural coconut water contains lauric acid, which when converted into the body converts into monolaurin, which helps fight viruses, bacteria, intestinal worms, parasites and digestive tract infections.

Lauric acid - Increases resistance

Lauric acid is an antibacterial acid, fungus, etc., found in breast milk, which helps to increase the baby's resistance. Only coconut is the fruit with the most lauric acid, accounting for nearly 40% of the total fatty acid in coconut oil. Drinking their coconut milk helps you increase your antibacterial power.

Natural flavor of coconut

 With pure, natural coconut flavor, fresh coconut milk can be used as a spice for curries, braised dishes, stir-fries, soups or as a delicious raw material to be served, served with tea dishes. Especially, their fresh coconut milk can be used to prepare drinks to bring aromatic, rich flavor

Suitable for vegetarians

Organic fresh coconut milk contains no ingredients from animal milk, so it suitable for vegetarians

Supplement nutrients

Coconut rice contains about 60% soluble fiber, in addition to adding many nutrients to the body such as carbohydrates, protein amino acids, fats, iron, phosphorus, etc. It helps accelerate the process of excretion of toxins, Help prevent dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc...