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25 Best Coconut Water Brands In 2022 (Popular & Unknown) Top Pure & Organic Coconut Water Brands

2022-08-29 10:37:53

#1. CocoXim

The Brand: CocoXim coconut water makes you feel like you’re drinking straight from the coconut. The brand uses high-quality green coconuts from Vietnam. Many people praise the brand for having some of the best-tasting coconut water on the market.

Need To Know: Cocoxim coconut water is certified organic as well as non-GMO. Not only is their coconut water refreshing, but it’s also great for you. It helps to lower your blood pressure and keep your skin healthy while giving you the hydration your body needs. The coconut water is also packed with necessary electrolytes. Your body will thank you. 

#2. C2O

The Brand: C2O offers single-sourced, 100% pure coconut water from Thailand. Their extremely healthy coconut water has a unique, yet delicious taste loved by many. C2O has been bringing natural coconut water to people all over for over a decade. 

Need To Know: As any good coconut water brand should, C2O uses absolutely no preservatives or artificial colors. Because they use freshwater coconuts, their coconut water tastes sweeter than other coconut water brands. This makes it easier to rely on no artificial sweeteners so C2O can be as natural as possible.

#3. Jax Coco

The Brand: Jax Coco is a sustainable coconut brand that sells both coconut water and their new coconut milk. The brand started in Hong Kong due to a shortage of good coconut waters in the region and has only expanded from there. 

Need To Know: Jax Coco coconut water is both vegan and gluten-free. Because Jax Coco is an advocate for the environment, their beautiful packaging is recyclable and contains no plastic. Their products can be used as additions to many different recipes. 

#4. Coco Goods

The Brand: Coco Goods doesn’t just sell miraculous coconut water, they sell many different 100% organic coconut products from Vietnam. They live up to their “all good” promise by putting a percentage of their profits back into the community.

Need To Know: Coco Goods’ non-GMO coconut water also contains no added sugar, so you only get the sweet taste of real coconuts. Coco Goods offers a few different flavors of coconut water along with many different size options so you can purchase to your liking. 

#5. Taste Nirvana

The Brand: Taste Nirvana prides itself on being a green coconut water brand from Thailand. Taste Nirvana was created by a father and son duo who are passionate about traditional Thailand food and drink. 

Need To Know: Taste Nirvana coconut water is completely natural, meaning each bottle varies in flavor and color. This doesn’t affect the quality of the coconut water, though, as the brand has many great reviews and repeat customers. Customers love Taste Nirvana because of its natural sweetness. 

Top Pink Coconut Water Brands

#1. Harmless Harvest

The Brand: Harmless Harvest is one of the most popular, widely loved coconut water brands. This is because they make great-tasting organic coconut water that is naturally pink in color. Their coconut water both looks and tastes refreshing. 

Need To Know: Harmless Harvest coconut water is both organic and fair trade certified. Because of how natural Harmless Harvest is, it must be refrigerated immediately when it gets to your home. This one ingredient coconut water is micro-filtered instead of thermally pasteurized, keeping the beneficial nutrienintactact. 

#2. Real Coco

The Brand: Real Coco is committed to helping people live their best plant-based lives with their organic pink coconut water. Their coconut water comes from coconut farms in Thailand that never use harsh pesticides or chemicals. 

Need To Know: The Real Coco pink coconut water is as tasty as it is appealing. The pretty pink color comes from antioxidants and enzymes in the coconut water mixing. This just shows how healthy their coconut water is for you, and it’s packed with much-needed electrolytes.

#3. Coco Loco

The Brand: Like some of the previous brands covered, Coco Loco uses Thai Nam Hom coconuts in their organic coconut water. Their coconut water is naturally pink and delicious.

Need To Know: Coco Loco coconut water is never heat-treated, making it pink and chock full of nutrients. Their coconut water is never from concentrate and is as raw as it gets. A bonus is Coco Loco’s aesthetically pleasing packaging that’s perfect for Instagram photos.

#4. Natnat

The Brand: Natnat stands for “naturally naturally”, a reference to how natural their pink coconut water is. This brand originated in Hong Kong and also uses the popular Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand. 

Need To Know: Natnat never uses preservatives or added sugar in their 100% coconut water. They believe the best coconut water only includes the real stuff. Their pink coconut water is high-quality and filled with antioxidants. Natnat packaging is also biodegradable, which is great for the environment. 

#5. H2coco

The Brand: H2coco is an Australian coconut water brand that sells pink coconut water in addition to many other types of healthy drinks like watermelon water and aloe detox water. Their products are both 100% natural and pure.

Need To Know: H2coco’s pink coconut water is vegan and never from concentrate. The pink color of the coconut water is all-natural because H2coco doesn’t use artificial colors. The sweet and nutty taste of H2coco is all thanks to nature and contains no added sugar. 

Top Flavored Coconut Water Brands

#1. Creative Roots

The Brand: Creative Roots is a kid-friendly flavored coconut water brand that keeps your kids healthy and hydrated. Their mission is to make hydration taste good with the many flavors available. 

Need To Know: Creative Roots coconut water comes in many different fruit flavors that your kid will love. The coconut water is plant-based and only contains 1g of sugar so you don’t have to worry about a sugar rush afterward. The packaging features cute illustrations that stand out and make coconut water fun. 

#2. Coco Mojo

The Brand: Coco Mojo is a brand that sells healthy foods and drinks including their line of flavored coconut water drinks. Their drinks contain no added sugar as they focus on health and making sure your body feels energized and hydrated. 

Need To Know: Coco Mojo has many different flavors like berry and pineapple. They also offer coconut water coffee drinks that are completely dairy-free. They strive to give you delicious coconut water drinks while being great for you. 

#3. Coco5

The Brand: Geared towards athletes, Coco5 is a hydrating sport drink brand made with coconut water. The name “Coco5” refers to their five tasty flavors; cherry, pineapple, limon, coconut, and passion fruit. 

Need To Know: Coco5 drinks are great to drink while active because they have tons of electrolytes that are generally lost in sweat when you exercise. These drinks are much different from other sports drinks due to the real ingredients and low sugar content. Coco5 contains absolutely no artificial ingredients. 

#4. Juscoco

The Brand: Juscoco is a brand committed to helping people live longer, healthier with their delicious coconut water. The founder of Juscoco is passing on their grandfather’s beliefs that coconut water is a powerful healer of the human body. 

Need To Know: Juscoco coconut water comes in six different flavors including guava, lychee, mango, orange, pineapple, and regular coconut water. Their products contain no preservatives and come in cartons ready to drink. They also offer coconut milk products that come in different flavors. 

#5. Amy and Brian

The Brand: Amy and Brian is a family owned business that offers flavored canned coconut water. They’ve been bringing all natural coconut water to customers for over 20 years.

Need To Know: Amy and Brian offers both original and with pulp coconut water, along with lime, grape, and cinnamon flavored coconut water. Their cans are BPA-free and recyclable. Amy and Brian is a very affordable coconut water brand and can be found at some health food stores along with Amazon. 

Top Coconut Water Brands At Walmart

#1. Vita Coco

The Brand: Vita Coco is a well known name in the coconut water industry. The little cartons of coconut water have become popular all over the country and for good reason. They use all natural ingredients and their coconut water is never from concentrate. 

Need To Know: The brand has expanded to provide many different coconut water proucts. You can find plain old original, pressed, sparkling, and boosted coconut water at your local Walmart. Vita Coco uses coconuts from all around the world to make their delicious products.

#2. GOYA

The Brand: GOYA is a Hispanic food and beverage brand that has been in business for an astonishing 85 years. Their coconut water is a classic for many. They are an ethical brand that gives a lot of money to different charities and causes. 

Need To Know: GOYA coconut water is both refreshing and healthy. GOYA coconut water is also one of the most affordable coconut water brands. You can find both the original and pulp versions at Walmart for less than $2. That’s a great price! 

#3. CoCo Joy

The Brand: CoCo Joy is a unique coconut water brand because they offer boosted, sparkling coconut water. CoCo Joy is sustainable and healthy, two important factors in a good coconut water brand.

Need To Know: Filled with both electrolytes and vitamin C for immunity, CoCo Joy’s coconut water is one of the best on the market. The coconut water is great for during and after exercise or any other time of the day. After being chilled, CoCo Joy is absolutely tasty and so many customers agree.

#4. Iberia

The Brand: Ibera is another Hispanic brand that offers 100% pure coconut water. They don’t only sell coconut water, though. An array of delicious food and drinks has the Iberia stamp of approval. This brand brings Hispanic food and drinks to everyone’s dinner tables. 

Need To Know: Iberia coconut water is wonderfully smooth coconut water packed with potassium to keep your nerves and muscles healthy as can be. The flavor of this coconut water tastes great, yet isn’t overpowering. Many people choose Iberia as their number one coconut water brand. 

#5. Great Value

The Brand: You can’t talk about Walmart brands without mentioning Walmart’s very own brand, Great Value. Great Value brings great products to the table while keeping prices affordable. 

Need To Know: Great Value’s coconut water is 100% organic and is never from concentrate. This is great quality coconut water for the price. If you don’t want to drink the coconut water plain, it’s a great option for adding to recipes or smoothies. With no added sugar or preservatives, this is a perfectly healthy coconut option if you’re on a budget. 

Coconut Water Brands To Avoid

#1. Zico

The Brand: Zico is a drink company owned by The Coca-Cola Company. Zico has been discontinued once but is now back again for another chance. 

Need To Know: Some Zico coconut water products are made from concentrate and contain some concerning ingredients. “Natural flavors” are among some of the ingredients of Zico drinks, which are not very healthy at all. It’s probably best to avoid this brand altogether, as coconut water should be healthy like nature intended it to be. 

#2. Naked

The Brand: Naked is a brand famously known for its smoothies and fruit juice. This brand is owned by PepsiCo. 

Need To Know: Naked has time and time again marketed its products as healthy while doing some shady things behind the scenes. Their coconut water is no different. Naked has been sued for using GMOs in its products, so it’s best to stay away from this one. 

#3. O.N.E

The Brand: O.N.E is a coconut water brand similar to others, but with some disadvantages. While O.N.E has many great reviews on the taste, it may not be the healthiest for you. 

Need To Know: O.N.E coconut water contains added sugar, which should not be necessary for good coconut water. They also include those pesky natural flavors in their coconut water, making it a hard pass. 

#4. Cona Zona

The Brand: Cona Zona is not an incredibly popular coconut water brand, but it’s worth mentioning here that it isn’t a very good option either. While there isn’t much information on the brand, the nutrition label of their coconut water can tell us a few things.

Need To Know: Cona Zona makes their coconut water from concentrate, which isn’t a good sign. There also aren’t many reliable reviews out there on the brand. It’s most likely best to stick to one of the previously mentioned brands. 

#5. Bai

The Brand: Bai is a brand that sells “antioxidant-infused” coconut drinks. While this may sound appetizing at first, these drinks are far from good, pure coconut water. 

Need To Know: Unfortunately, Bai coconut-flavored drinks are nowhere near as healthy as natural coconut water. They contain a whole 35mg of caffeine, which could be a problem with people who are not allowed to have caffeine due to a heart condition. Natural coconut water should always be the first choice as it is great for your body.