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Organic Coconut Milk




Organic Coconut Milk

Organic Coconut Milk is produced from fresh coconut meat under cold-pressed process that helps preserving the maximum amount of nutrients and coconut natural taste.

Delicious alternative to dairy milk

Perfect for: Smoothies, Ice Cream, Coffee, Cocktails, Baking, Curries, Soups, Sauces


Light Coconut Milk (5% - 7%)

Coconut Milk (17% - 19%)

Coconut Cream (20%-22%)


Can, 400ml

Tetra Pak, 1000ml

Betrimex Thailand's leading advanced cold pressing technology
Betrimex Standard export to USA and Europe
Betrimex No preservatives
Betrimex Suitable for vegetarians
Betrimex 400ml
Betrimex 1000ml
Betrimex Betrimex Betrimex Betrimex Betrimex Betrimex Betrimex


Organic (NOP/EU/JAS/KOREA/ACO), Halal, Kosher,  

Nutrition facts

  • Calories (160 kcal)
  • Tota fat (17g)
  • Sodium (15mg)
  • Total Carbohydrate (3g)
  • Sugars (2g)
  • Calcium (3mg)
  • Potassium (125mg)

The most leading and advanced technology

The products are manufactured by using the most leading and advanced technology in the world from the harvested coconuts at the best and sweetest period to ensure excellent quality of products and safety for consumers.


Natural coconut flavor

With a natural, pure, fresh taste of coconut, Coconut milk for cooking can be used as a spice for curry, stew dishes, stir-fry dishes, soup or can be a delicious ingredient cooked or served together with tea, jelly. Especially, Cocoxim coconut milk for cooking can be used to concoct drinks that bring the aromatic and rich flavor.


Easy open cans

With the design of Box and Easy opened Cap, Coconut milk for cooking can be very easy and convenient store not only help you save more processing time but also keep fresh and tasty flavor for the dishes


Vegan friendly

Coconut milk for cooking not contains ingredients from animal milk, suitable for vegetarians


The land of premiumquality coconuts

Being the final cluster of islands, which receive lots of alluvium of Mekong River, the brackish water area with muddy clay (fertile, humus-rich, and lots of good antibacterial) creates favorable conditions for fresh and green Ben Tre coconut farms and higher yield than that of other areas

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Betrimex is not only well known as the leading manufacturer and exporter of products based on coconut in Vietnam, but also a "Brand for Community

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