Things you should know before you buy coconut oil

2019-12-03 11:31:25

Things you should know before you buy coconut oil

Coconut oil is the oil that is extracted from the white coconut meat. It has been used for cooking or as a skincare product. If you are going to buy coconut oil, read this article to know the benefits of it.

Can you use coconut oil in cooking?

It is still a controversial issue whether using coconut oil in cooking is good or bad. Some experts say that it is a good alternative to peanut oil or canola oil. Others think cooking with coconut oil is unhealthy because of its high saturated fat content. If you are going to buy coconut oil and about to cook with it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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Things you should know before you buy coconut oil - Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants

On the one hand, coconut oil is a rich source of antioxidants, which can fight oxidative stress in your body. As you might already know, oxidative stress can cause ageing and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, the antibacterial properties of coconut oil can boost immunity. Also, coconut oil has a very high smoking point, which means it can take high temperatures so it is better to fry with.

On the other hand, due to its high saturated fat content, some people think that cooking with coconut oil is not good. It is obvious that saturated fat is not a good ingredient, and compared to other cooking oils, the concentration of saturated fats in coconut oil is much higher. As a matter of fact, about 86 percent of fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated, the primary one is lauric acid. As lauric acid can raise blood cholesterol, cooking with coconut oil can increase the risk of heart disease.

There are still agreements and disagreements about cooking with coconut oil. In any case, it is important to note that using a moderate amount is the key. Moreover, it is a good idea to speak with a doctor or nutritionist before cooking with coconut oil.

The benefits of coconut oil for your skin

There are factors that make coconut oil so beneficial for the skin. Firstly, as mentioned above, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, and good saturated fats so it is an excellent moisturiser. In addition to that, it is filled with vitamin E and proteins. Also, coconut oil can penetrate the skin and hair more deeply than other moisturisers thanks to its low molecular weight. Last but not least, it has strong antibacterial properties. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that coconut oil can bring:

#1: Saturated fats: Not only can this component help coconut oil retain the moisture content of the skin, but also reduce moisture loss through pores. Additionally, the saturated fats are mostly medium chain fatty acids which can make the skin smooth and glow.

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Things you should know before you buy coconut oil - Vitamin E in coconut oil can combat free radicals

#2: Antioxidants: Why do most skincare products contain vitamin E? It is beneficial for skin growth and repair. And coconut oil is full of vitamin E. As you might know, free radicals are produced through ageing but occur in larger quantities if you smoke or drink. When free radicals attack and damage our cells, oxidant damage occurs. If the cell is badly damaged, it will die and you look older. Vitamin E in coconut oil has antioxidant properties, can combat free radicals and protect cells. Therefore, it can reduce the rate of ageing.

#3: Proteins: The benefit of proteins in coconut oil is about tissue repair and cell health. Proteins help replace damaged cells in the skin and top tissue. When you are cut or have wounds and you are low in proteins, you will not heal as quickly. Using coconut oil on the skin help heal scars, cuts or other blemishes faster. Also, it helps the skin repair itself more efficiently.

#4: Antibacterials: Coconut oil is also a rich source of antibacterials. Your skin will be protected from infections when you use coconut oil thanks to its key fatty acids act as a disinfectant.

The best beauty uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is beneficial for your skin. Therefore, you can use it for different purposes:

#1: Coconut oil as body moisturiser

The fatty acids makes coconut oil an amazing body moisturiser. Apply coconut oil to the body can moisturise it, and help the skin retain moisture. As a result, your skin will feel soft and glow for longer. You can use coconut oil as a body moisturiser after a shower. Additionally, for pregnant women, coconut oil is used to prevent stretch marks on their bellies.

#2: Coconut oil as hair conditioner

Compared to other oils, coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair more deeply, which allows the fatty acids to nourish and repair on a deeper level. After having your hair washed, you can massage coconut oil through your hair and then cover it with cling wrap. Leave it for a while and then wash it out in the shower.

#3: Coconut oil as makeup remover

It is more effective to use coconut oil to cleanse off your makeup than using harsh soaps or cleansers. Just put a drop of coconut oil on a cotton pad and wipe over your face. Then wash your face like you do normally afterwards.

#4: Coconut oil as lip balm

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Things you should know before you buy coconut oil - Coconut oil can be used as lip balm

As a moisturiser, coconut oil is very useful if you have chapped lips. The vitamin E and fatty acids in coconut oil will make your lips plump and soft in no time.

#5: Coconut oil as cuticle softener

Your cuticles can split and peel when they grow too far. In this case, you can rub coconut oil on them to make them soften.

#6: Coconut oil as hair serum

Apply a very small amount of coconut oil through frizzy hair can help tame it quickly.

#7: Coconut oil as shaving cream

Before you shave, apply coconut oil on the body parts that you want to make clean. It will stay on until you wash it off. Also, when you use coconut oil for shaving, the antibacterial properties in coconut oil will protect any nicks and cuts from infection, which is a good thing.

In conclusion, coconut oil has a lot of benefits in your daily life. Make sure that you buy coconut oil which is pure and virgin because it is the best kind to use on skin. You can find it at Betrimex Vietnam, along with other coconut products.