Leading Coconut Water Supplier and Sustainable Development ...

2019-06-28 10:10:51

In order to catch up and meet the increasing demand of organic coconut market, many leading coconut suppliers focus on investing resources and towards sustainable development of raw material areas. This. Typical businesses include Betrimex with organic ingredients certified in America and Europe right in Ben Tre.
Importance of organic products
Numerous newspapers have been reporting on dirty foods, with unknown sources spreading the market has raised concerns for many people, so the role of the organic products for the food market and the Drinking now is very important.

Leading Coconut Water Suppliers

Indeed, organic food provides quality and safety for human health. Processed and produced from clean materials, apply methods of natural fertilizers, no pesticides, chemicals or genetic components ... to eliminate bad effects. to endocrine, reproductive and other problems of the body. In addition, studies have shown that inside organic foods and vegetables contain a relatively large amount of vitamins and antioxidants than many conventional methods, contributing to the strengthening of immune function. It also helps to prevent illnesses.

Coconut Organic is currently a new drink trend sought by international consumers. However, to produce quality organic coconut milk is not easy, as organic sources require that top coconut suppliers invest a lot of resources, especially Businesses oriented towards the sustainable development of Organic Coconuts to bring safe and high quality products to consumers.
Betrimex and Sustainable Development towards Organic Coconuts

Betrimex is one of the leading coconut suppliers in Vietnam today as well as a trusted partner of many of the world's most expensive coconut markets. Currently, Betrimex is in the process of implementing the project "10,000 ha of organic coconut gardens for farmers" in order to ensure the stability of raw material areas and create more employment opportunities for farmers in Ben Tre.
In response to the business linkage between farmers and farmers, as well as the desire to build stable inputs, Betrimex has developed organic materials in Ben Tre, consuming and selling coconuts to the garden. Job opportunities for thousands of farmer families. Farmers who have signed up to cooperate with Betrimex will receive support for planting materials and participate in organic farming training. With the cultivation experience and full support from the business, organic coconut garden here always meet the strict organic standards of America and Europe.
In addition, Betrimex has a very clear procedure for transporting and classifying the Coconut. For example, in the pre-processing and manufacturing areas of the plant, organic coconuts are harvested after harvest. At the same time, the production system will be observed, carefully scrutinized to ensure that Organic Coconuts are not confused with other common coconuts.

In addition, in compliance with the stringent standards of the Organic, in the production of Organic Coconut, there will be no use of any preservatives, additives, genetically modified ingredients or growth hormones. chemistry and so on, ensuring the product is made safe and healthy for consumers.

Leading Coconut Water supplier

Organic ingredients of Betrimex have been certified Organic (EU and USDA - NOP) as well as JAS (Japan) and Coconut Organic Coconut Juices have been exported to more than 40 countries. Big markets like the US and Europe, and received positive feedback.
Here are some reviews of Coconut products from Amazon Organic.
Clinton J Bulkley said: "The product is very similar to what has been described, no matter the quality. Its taste is great compared to other types of coconut ... "
Syeda Sherazi: "The quality is very good and beyond what I expected! ..."
Opportunity for businesses to work with Betrimex
With a broad vision, businesses in cooperation with Betrimex will have a lot of development opportunities. Betrimex always ensures the stability of the raw materials as well as the export to other countries. Currently, Betrimex has distribution network throughout the country and in some countries in Europe and South East Asia, cooperative enterprises can be completely assured about the consumption of products.

So, with the growing potential of organic beverages in general and organic coconut in particular, today's leading suppliers, including Betrimex, are working hard to deliver The most sustainable and constantly improve the value of domestic coconut in the international arena!