In the process of producing coconut water, the leading coconut supplier - Betrimex focuses on the productivity and quality of raw materials, which is a decisive factor in the quality of Betrimex coconut water. The important thing is that the coconut is cultivated according to organic standards - Organic in the fertile and fertile land of Ben Tre, along with the hand care of the farmer here.

Leading Coconut Water Supplier

The value of organic coconut farming - Organic

Since its inception, Betrimex has positioned its coconut material areas to the standards of organic agriculture because Betrimex recognizes the value of using organic ingredients to produce organic products. for the health of the consumer.

Betrimex is orienting coconut cultivation according to Organic standards to:

  • Towards a safe and sustainable agriculture
  • Create a high value-added chain from clean raw materials, to meet the trend of domestic and international markets
  • Friendly to the natural environment and to humans and animals
  • Increase productivity and economic efficiency in coconut gardens
  • Creating a great opportunity to export to the world market to confirm the position of the coconut products of Vietnam

Principles of cultivation of raw material areas when participating in organic agriculture standards

Leading Coconut Water Supplier

"Organic agriculture is a production system that maintains the health of the soil, ecosystems and people." - Understands this, Betrimex's agricultural engineers have a plan to disseminate to farmers Ben Bamboo rules and best practices:

Do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators and additives in animal feed.

Maintain maximum nutrient levels in the soil by using faecal matter and crop residues

The main purpose of organic farming is to maintain sustainability in farming and to ensure the health of humans and animals.

Farmers in Ben Tre participating in the program of organic farming of Betrimex will receive the following outstanding benefits:

Periodically trained and guided coconut cultivation techniques in accordance with organic standards

Enjoy the policies of Betrimex such as purchase price, consumption, ... from time to time

In addition, each farmer participating in the program should commit to organic coconut orchard cultivation under the guidance of field staff and under the direct management of Betrimex's agricultural engineer.

The cultivation process of Ben Tre coconut gardens according to organic agriculture standards

Leading coconut water suppliers

In order to ensure the best raw material in the production of organic canned coconut water, Betrimex has introduced the following standard farming practices:

- Breed selection: Breeds should be purchased from reputable and quality sources in the area

- New planting procedure: Ensure that planting distance is suitable for each coconut variety, enhancing mulch application and adding phosphate if soil is salted with alum.

- Intercropping: Minimizing intercropping or intercropping should be cultivated according to organic standards

- Fertilizer and fertilizer: Say no to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, completely replace chemical fertilizers with organic and microorganic fertilizers. Fertilizers such as Redworm Redworm, Chicken manure, Biosol, Agrostim should be used

- Weed management: Do not use herbicides, weed control by hand

- Pest and disease prevention: Using bio-products and natural enemies (parasitic bees, threshers, ...) to kill pests

- Watering, muddying: Provides sufficient water for the plant to absorb and synthesize the best nutrients. Feed mud to provide more nutrients to the soil.

- Environmental hygiene: Do not use fish to avoid pollution of water resources, animal husbandry and cattle breeding.

- Harvesting: Hygiene of harvesting tools, not leaving the coconut exposed to dirty water, animal dung.

Regular Organic Quality Assessment by the International Organization for Standardization

Apart from accompanying and guiding organic coconut farmers, Betrimex also has internal monitoring teams regularly inspecting organic ingredients to ensure compliance with standards. In addition, to be certified organic in accordance with international standards such as USDA and EU, the material area of ​​Betrimex is controlled by the experts of the Union to the coconut gardens to evaluate the annual organic certification.

As such, the raw material plays a very important role in the production of Betrimex's Organic Canned Coconut Water. Currently, standing in the position of the leading coconut supplier - Betrimex constantly improve the quality of coconut farming to bring a source of quality materials in Vietnam.

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