Coconut milk is an indispensable ingredient in the processing of delicious and tasty dishes. In addition, coconut water contains a stable fat content that is beneficial for the health of the user.

What are the coconut milk? Let's get to know Betrimex!

Coconut milk of Betrimex Brand

The coconut milk product line is popular today

Now with the convenience of their own, canned coconut milk is rapidly gaining popularity. Based on the fat content, the coconut milk is divided into the following:

- Light Coconut Milk: fat content 5-9%, min 5%

- Coconut Milk: fat content of 10-19%, min (10%)

- Coconut Cream Series: 20-29% (min 20%)

- Coconut Cream Concentrate: min 29%

The current popular variety in the market is Coconut Milk (10-19%) because of its ease of use for a variety of purposes including direct drinking, cooking ingredients, beauty care, ...

Distinguish the lines of coconut juice of Betrimex brand

Nutritional content of coconut milk

The coconut milk is made from the old coconut and it compares with coconut water. Many studies have shown that coconut milk contains a lot of essential nutrients for health.

Rich in Lauric Acid: Lauric Acid is an important nutrient found in coconut water. Given the properties of medium chain fatty acids, lauric acid is easily absorbed into the body and also has significant benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease.

Full of B vitamins: B vitamins are essential for growth, development and a variety of other body functions. They play an important role in the activity of enzymes, which regulate chemical reactions in the body, are important in converting food into energy and other essential substances. Vitamin B is found in foods derived from plants and animals.

Iron supplementation: Iron is an essential nutrient in the production of red blood cells to produce the body's needed amount of blood, while enhancing the immune system's activity and providing an abundant source of energy. for the body.

Sources of Calcium: Using coconut milk to prepare food daily is a way for you to fully supplement the calcium content necessary for the body. Calcium is essential for the development of the skeletal system and is responsible for its role in the immune system.

Distinguish the lines of coconut juice of Betrimex brand

Use coconut milk properly for good health

Given the diversity of canned coconut juice brands, consumers should choose from reputable and quality brands to ensure food safety when using the product.

In addition, consumers should know the origin of the coconut to make coconut milk to ensure that you are using clean food.

During use, you should pay attention to the term to avoid the coconut juice is degraded, not good for health.

In terms of dosage, Betrimex recommends using moderate amounts of coconut milk as recommended by your dietitian.

The above is the information sharing products of coconut milk Betrimex and Betrimex hope to help you choose the best product for the family offline!

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