Ben Tre is known as the land of coconuts of Vietnam and here is the home of the coconut growing sweet name sweet. Nestled in coconut coconut is the image of the Vietnamese peasants day and night for coconut trees, giving birth to pure coconut products the best!

organic coconut water suppliers in Vietnam

Ben Tre coconut water with the standard of organic ingredients

With the aim of helping Ben Tre's farmers develop their coconut talents, while affirming the position of the coconut in the world market, Ben Tre Export-Import Company (Betrimex) Organic coconut growing.

Accordingly, the standards for construction of organic coconut material areas include: no use of chemical fertilizers, no use of chemical pesticides of non-animal origin, no cattle grazing on coconut gardens and not use the fish bridge in the coconut garden. Instead, the nutrient source for the coconut plantation is used from organic and organic fertilizers to ensure the quality of coconut water.

In 2016, the model was implemented in Hung Le commune, Giong Trom district with more than 400 households involved, including 126 poor and near poor households with a total area of ​​more than 250 ha, investment expenditure of over 1.2 VND billion, funded by public-private partnership fund of Ben Tre AMD Project. Through the linkage chain of purchasing - production - processing - export, the model aims to increase income, create jobs for people, especially the poor in rural areas.

Organic coconut water of Betrimex

The hands of the farmer in each cup of organic coconut water!

The organic coconut growing model has brought Ben Tre farmers access to new and advanced coconut growing methods that not only bring high economic benefits but also friendly to the natural environment.


  • According to Nguyen Van Khinh - Cai Da hamlet, Hung Le commune, previously, the family planted coconut in the traditional way, not applying science and technology in the cultivation of coconut. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers for a long time, the land was tarnished and the coconut plantation was not developed. Since joining the model, the family has been transferred by scientists to coconut growing and organic farming techniques. At the same time, Betimex company provides 100% fertilizer, standard biopesticide. In addition, Betrimex has organized many spraying sessions for coconut trees participating in the program (periodically 4 times a year). The average annual investment cost is over VND 12 million / ha. In addition, the output price is always stable, higher than the market price, this is the condition for people to peace of mind, sticking with coconut trees for a long time.
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Khinh shared: Participation in organic coconut water was transferred by the company and scientists transfer technology to farmers. Since then, a few years ago, I found the land more fertile, green coconut better, the results are very high. Growing coconuts using organic fertilizers like this will not affect the environment, protect the public health and your own health. I found organic organic coconuts very beneficial for farmers and provide pure coconut water for the health of consumers.
  • Ms. Truong Thi Ken said that in addition to peace of mind about the output price, the family is often concerned with the care staff, technical care, how to prevent pests and diseases should overcome. The situation of coconut beetle attack, especially the problem of falling young fruit is also less happening. Over time, the salinity condition lasts but through monitoring, the coconut trees are still stable and have a lot of water, stable output.

Organic coconut water suppliers in Vietnam

As a result, Betrimex is working with farmers in Ben Tre to hopefully bring the best quality coconuts to supply organic coconut water with top quality to consumers.

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