Organic coconut water is loved not only by the familiar but also because it is an effective hot summer day drink. In particular, since many coconut suppliers and producers have discovered the potential and value of the coconut water industry, this drink has been completely elevated.

Pure Coconut - The usual drink

Coconut water is not the strange drink of most of Saigon people in particular. On sunny days hot drink a fresh coconut Ben Tre, every hot sun is out. In addition, people use coconut milk, coconut milk and coconut to make the food and raw materials needed in daily life.

Today, much news about the coconut fruit is soaked in chemical bleach, or sneaky chemicals into the coconut fruit to increase sweetness as panic consumers fear. Accompanying coconut fruit is quite cumbersome. Therefore, the products of pure coconut juice is a good point for consumers to trust use.

Many coconut suppliers and processors have increasingly diversified their coconut products and products, contributing to the convenience of consumers. For example, if consumers previously wanted to use pure coconut milk for refreshment or cooking, then need to buy raw materials for processing. However, now many lines of pure coconut water can gradually appear and appear in all markets, supermarkets help users save much time and effort.

Many practical benefits of health and beauty

Besides the familiar benefits of coconut milk such as soft drinks and cooking, coconut water also brings many benefits of beauty and health.


Coconut water contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes necessary for the body such as N, Mg, Cl, K, Ca ... help to provide energy, water recharge, balance body Such as eliminating the waste after the activity of the cells.


Lauric acid is known as the medium-chain triglycerides that are capable of converting into monolaurin compounds after being absorbed into the body, thereby increasing their immunity, antimicrobial activity and resistance to fungal infections. yeast and lipid-containing antiviral. In particular, the important ingredients in this coconut water also contribute to the aging process of skin cells, balance the pH while maintaining the moisture needed for the skin.

In addition, pure coconut water does not contain much harmful fat and has a low calorie content, so it can help women lose weight effectively when drinking coconut milk in the morning.

Some studies have shown that coconut milk with high potassium and lauric acid levels can help regulate blood pressure, increase HDL cholesterol, and lead to more effective treatments for cardiovascular disease.

The trend of using natural products in the world today

The market of beverages derived from plants in the world today is moving in positive direction. The attention of consumers in recent years is directed to products that bring health benefits, while not harming the ecological environment in the production process.

The survey found that in the period 2012 - 2016, the number of beverages derived from plants worldwide has tripled. The potential of the market for natural products is expected to increase at a later date.

Organic coconut water suppliers

In terms of market for coconut water alone, the market for pure coconut water in the world in 2015 is estimated to be about US $ 1 billion, of which the United States and Brazil are considered the top two consuming countries. In some European countries, the consumption of coconut water also increased significantly.

With the advantages of Vietnam's output and quality of coconut, the efficient utilization of raw materials combined with modern technology can provide many opportunities for top coconut suppliers to take the lead. Guide and promote Vietnamese coconut with international friends.

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