Besides coconut products such as pure coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut milk, coconut milk ... Coconut milk is a product of Vietnam is highly appreciated by consumers in the country and in the world. Canned Coconut is a new name in canned food processing industry in Vietnam and other countries in the world such as Australia, Canada, ...

Let Betrimex find out what Coconut Milk is!

Advantages of coconut milk products for consumers in the world

Vietnamese people think that coconut milk is all the essence of coconut. The coconut milk is extracted from coconut milk and grinded first. Coconut juice is opalescent, thick, aromatic and sweet. In addition, coconut milk provides a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B6, ... Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, ...

Coconut Water

Coconut milk is used in many people's daily life such as:
Used as a raw material for many dishes, including sweet and savory dishes.
As a companion in the beauty of the female, as in coconut juice contains a content of pure coconut oil is very good for the skin, so coconut milk can be used to remove makeup, skin care, ...
Coconut milk supplement with many nutrients to enhance the function of resistance and prevention of disease for everyone.
In Western countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, ... their consumption habits are in need of convenience and speedy, so Coconut milk products are their favorite because of the convenience and ease. easy to use. Especially, canned coconut milk products bring safety and hygiene to users, Westerners highly recommend hygienic and environmentally friendly products. Coconut milk canned Fully meet the requirements of consumers worldwide.

Lauric Acid - A golden ingredient in coconut milk

Lauric Acid Medium-chain triglycerides, which are readily absorbed into the body and provide superior health benefits to the user.
Known as medium-chain triglycerides, lauric acid converts into monolaurin, which is effective against bacteria and against lipid-borne viruses. health for everyone.
Lauric acid is also used to treat people with immune problems, viral infections, flu, yeast infections, common colds, fever or skin ulcers. Lauric acid has the ability to prevent bacteria from spreading on the skin, thereby fighting fungal infections and reducing acne inflammation.
The addition of lauric acid, which is sufficiently high in fiber per day, helps promote cardiovascular health and antioxidant supplements, thereby slowing down the aging process and boosting the body's immune system. Increases antimicrobial and antimicrobial properties, bringing the best health to consumers.
Coconut juice - an indispensable ingredient in Vietnamese and international cuisine

Coconut milk is a widely used food in many countries in the world, especially in the tropical monsoon countries, coconut is grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, ... For countries They also love the fat of Vietnamese coconut milk and often call coconut milk by coconut milk in English. Western countries such as Australia and Canada often use canned coconut juice imported from Vietnam.

Coconut Water

Vietnamese food uses coconut milk:
- Salty foods like meat, snails, frog fried with coconut milk, fish in stock, fish sauce, ...
-Cookies like coconut cake, pig skin, coconut cake, ...
- Tea such as grapefruit tea, green pea tea, peanut tea, ..
Candies like coconut candy, ...
The dishes are using coconut milk in the world
Indian curry is cooked with a large amount of coconut milk to increase the fat for the dish.
- Tom Yum, Thailand's red curry
-Cookies of Western countries such as USA, Canada, ...
- Sauces served with grilled meats, they are often added with coconut milk to make the sauce and fat comparable.

With the trend of using more and more coconut milk in the world, Betriemx will continue to bring Vietnamese coconut milk to the world, affirming the Coca-Cola brand on the international market again.

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