Coconut oil is an essential oil that has many applications in daily life such as cooking, beauty, healing, ... Currently, there are two most common types of coconut oil are pure coconut oil and oil Refined coconut. But pure coconut oil is more consumer choice than refined coconut oil. What is the difference between these two types of coconut oil?

What is virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil is a fatty oil extracted from coconut, white or yellow and has a slight odor. Coconut oil has a very low melting temperature, from 24 ° C to 26 ° C and an average of 25 ° C. Therefore, at room temperature of 26-32 ° C, coconut oil is liquid because it has crossed the melting threshold.
Coconut oil is a natural oil that has many uses for the life and health of people. Today, many brands of coconut oil production is expected to meet the needs of consumers.
Betrimex is one of the leading suppliers of coconut oil in the Vietnamese market, which has been selected and trusted by consumers for many years.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

Characteristics of virgin coconut oil

Pure coconut oil is also known as pure coconut oil made from the old coconut (dried coconut) fresh fruit picking, ensuring the purity needed. Coconut rice after being extracted from old coconut is not treated with chemicals to retain the maximum of nutrients in the oil. As a result, the coconut oil will be light yellow and aromatic.
Using pure coconut oil is safer for health because it is completely extracted from nature, suitable for both pregnant women and young children.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

Characteristics of refined coconut oil

Refined coconut oil is a coconut oil that has gone through the process of industrial processing, chemical phase, deodorizing, deodorizing, etc. It is no longer natural. Due to the fact that this type of coconut oil is often produced industrially, companies often do not pay attention to the maintenance of raw materials so the oil quality is not guaranteed.
In the process of refining, in order to obtain beautiful coconut oil, transparent color, aromatic flavor, the need to add colorants, deodorant effect in the use.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

General characteristics of pure coconut oil and refined coconut oil

Although there are many differences between the two types of coconut oil, there are some common points:
- Fatty acid chain Lauric acid is beneficial to the health of users
- High melting point. Coconut oil at temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius is in transparent liquid form, but below 24 degrees Celsius it becomes cloudy white.
- Stored and used longer when the coconut oil freeze

The brand of pure coconut oil of Betrimex

Betrimex has continuously improved its coconut oil quality, from raw materials, preservation, transportation, production and packaging.
100% extracted from natural coconut rice with high quality cold pressing technology that does not produce heat during production, pure coconut oil of Betrimex keeps natural nutrients, rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. .
Currently Betrimex pure coconut oil is packed in bottles with a capacity of 90ml & 150ml or in glass bottles of 250ml & 500ml. Pure coconut oil maintains its purity, freshness and abundant nutrients.

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