Tetra Pak is one of the world's leading liquid food packaging and production lines. Thanks to the application of UHT pasteurisation technology directly to the production line, the product keeps the nutrients, natural taste and preservation for a long time without using preservatives. Therefore, the Ben Tre Export-Import Company (Betrimex), the leading coconut producer in Vietnam, has selected Tetra Pak's line and technology for key products such as Coconut Water, Coconut milk

Why choose Tetra Pak technology?

Tetra Pak is a provider of technology solutions for the processing and packaging of liquid foods from Sweden. Among the leading coconut water producers in Vietnam today, Betrimex is considered as the pioneering enterprise choosing Tetra Pak technology to produce coconut milk and coconut milk products. unique points:

1 / Keep the most natural nutrients and taste for the product

Tetrapak Technology

The application of UHT pasteurization technology directly helps to destroy the microorganisms that cause damage to products left over during pasteurization, by heat treatment from 140-144 degrees C in very short time, then do It's cool down to 25 degrees Celsius. It's this ultra-fast heat-treatment and ultra-fast cooling that eliminates all harmful bacteria, yeasts and molds. As a result, pure coconut milk or coconut milk can last up to 12-15 months without any preservative, compared to other sterilization technologies, sterilized. Tetra Pak's direct Tetra Pak can reduce the maximum loss of vitamins and nutrients in the product (by more than 30% compared to bottled glass), ensuring that the product is free from color variations and odors. be the natural flavor of the product.

2 / Ensure product safety with sterile packaging

Tetrapak Technology

Tetra Pak is made from environmentally friendly materials with 6 layers of effective preservative, avoiding environmental influences (light, moisture, oxidation) and human (transport process). As a result, the shelf life of the product is up to 12-15 months without refrigerant storage.
In addition, the DreamCap covers the product that can be covered after the first opening, convenient to carry.

3 / Can recycle and contribute to environmental protection

Tetrapak Technology

One of the key advantages of using Tetra Pak's packaging line is that it can recycle packaging into valuable products that contribute to protecting the environment. Post-use packaging will be collected and recycled, and up to 50% to 55% recycled pulp can be recycled. Products that are recycled include stationery, business cards, pencil cases, envelopes, roofing sheets, waterproofing plywood, fertilizers, ... In addition, the use of packaging with logo certification FSC as Tetra Pak packaging contributes to the management and balance of regenerative forest resources, helping to protect the natural environment.

Tetrapak Technology

Currently, the market for dairy products and canned beverages in South East Asia, South Asia, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand has considerable potential, with growth expected at 5, 6% annually by 2019. Vietnam is also among the countries with high growth in consumption of dairy products and beverages in the world. This requires that the top coconut suppliers in particular and the beverage and dairy companies in general need to invest more in technical human resources and new technologies to provide these growth.

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