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Plant Milk - Leading to Healthy Drinks in 2018

Coconut milk suppliers

Plant milk is the current trend of choice in the world, which is made from fruits, nuts and legumes. Plant milk has many advantages over animal milk and is safe for the health of the user.
And coconut milk is one of the most sought-after plant milk, not only in water but also in international consumers. Unlike plants derived from nuts or legumes, coconut milk has the following advantages:

  • Coconut milk is hypoallergenic and ensures adequate supply of essential nutrients to your body.
  • Coconut milk is more nutritious than animal milk.
  • Coconut milk reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease because it does not contain bad cholesterol so it does not affect the cardiovascular system.
  • Coconut milk is rich in fiber and vitamins that help protect the digestive system and reduce the risk of cancer.
    Today, coconut milk has many flavors for you to choose from:
  • Pure coconut milk
  • Coconut milk taste Cafe
  • Vanilla flavored coconut milk
  • Coconut milk flavored with chocolate

Detox - drinks for young people

Detox Drink is a new concept in this year 2018 - Detox is a combination of many fresh or dried fruits are soaked in the ratio of water and standard formula. Detox is very suitable for young people because it is not only beautiful but also healthy for your health.
With each formula, Detox has many different effects such as:

  • Detox Ginger Lemon helps you stay alert every morning
  • Apple and apple cider vinegar help purify the body
  • Cucumber and lemon detox improves the immune system, purifies and detoxifies the body
  • Apple and cinnamon detox helps to lose weight, stimulate appetite and enhance the body's metabolic activity
  • Lemon detox and watermelon help you lose weight effectively


High energy with pure fruit juice

Pure fruit juice is the best choice for your health as the juice contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Suggest for some of the best juices:

  • Grape Juice: Grape Juice is rich in Vitamin B content for hair and nails, fingernails, and enhances memory function, lighter, anti-breast cancer and makes skin toned, bright beautiful, not dark spots.
  • Carrot juice: Potassium and magnesium are two of the nutrients found in carrot juice, which helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, contributing to the treatment of high blood pressure and the control of blood sugar. People with diabetes and high blood pressure should take this juice every day to limit the amount of sugar that goes up dramatically.
  • Tomato juice: Tomato juice is a good source of vitamin A and C, which helps neutralize the action of free radicals that cause chronic illnesses.
  • Apple Juice: Apple juice is delicious and contains some essential vitamins, most notably vitamin C. A 160ml glass provides 61 cals and nearly 50% of daily nutritional needs in the 19-50 age group.

Tomato Juice

And you need to pay attention to the use of canned juices, you should look to the prestigious brand and obtain international quality certification to ensure that you are using the best product offline!

With the above hope will help you choose the best drink for your health and family!

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