The journey which carry along pure canned coconut water to consumers is not only simple as a business’s story want to enhance the values of coconut water but also an effort to assert the quality of Vietnamese’s product.

Ben Tre – The Coconut Kingdom – Where the journey begins!

An important elements for the output of pure canned coconut water producing process may be it is the land where coconut was grown. Coconuts which contains sweet water, thick white flesh will give a nutrious, delicious and pure canned coconut water. In Việt Nam, if anyone mention a region which famous for high quality  coconut with unique sweet and delicious flavor, everybody will know that it is Ben Tre - The Coconut Kingdom.

Organic coconut water suppliers


About the coconut industry in the world, Vietnam has been ranked in quantity of coconut as 8th in this category with 1,2 billions coconuts/year. 44% of coconut quantity has been taken by Ben Tre and it is the reason why the region has named “The Coconut Kingdom”. Mother nature has given Ben Tre priority gift included fertile land, also the last ait which receive silt from Mekong River. In addition, the way farmers grow up coconuts which contains a lot of caring and inspiring love from generations to generations and bring to this place high-quality and economic efficiency coconuts.

Ben Tre’ coconuts have been highly evaluate by many businessman and scientists in quality. Specifically, the coconuts in here have thick outer coat which store a lot of organic matters, white flesh which contains more fat and sweeter coconut water. The performance can be reached to 1,9 tons white flesh/ha, higher than the average of the whole country APCC and the oil in Ben Tre’coconuts accounted for 65%.

Organic coconut water suppliers

Recently, the growth rate in organic coconut water consumption in the world has been predicted to reached over 25%/year. Therefore, if suppliers and also producer of coconut water in Vietnam can utilize these plentiful and high productivity raw materials like Ben Tre’coconuts, combine with high-tech and modern solutions then the ability to export Ben Tre’s coconut water to foreign partnership will be very potential.

On the way of catching the trend, catching the chances and realizing values of Ben Tre’ coconuts, Betrimex has invested a production line right at this land with the desire of sending the unique flavor of Ben Tre’coconuts to the world. The event in which Betrimex introduced the first Pure Canned Coconut Water in Vietnam under the brand name Cocoxim, marking an important step in bringing the image of Ben Tre coconut to be widely promoted at home and abroad.

The certifications of product quality of Betrimex

Organic coconut water suppliers's certificates

Betrimex is one of the best organic coconut water suppliers in Vietnam and in the world. The coconut water factory of Betrimex using modern production line named Tetra Pak with directly sterilized UHT technology which meets International Organization for Standardization : FSSC 22000, BRC, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, ORGANIC-USDA, ORGANIC-EU, BSCI,...This can be considered as an affirmative way to recognize the quality and safety of the products to domestic and foreign consumers.

Moreover, The organic coconut water suppliers - Betrimex has created a material land which served organic standards from United State and Europe, evaluated and tested by Control Union Organization periodically. This organic material land has been confirmed to give away the finest coconuts with best quality meets the organic drinks demand which the consumers are looking for.

Organic coconut water suppliers

Cocoxim’s virgin coconut water was made by 100% of organic coconut water, sugar, preservatives and dyes are not allowed to add in these cans. Specially, Cocoxim’s coconut water can hold mineral nutrients : K, Na, Ca, Mg, P,…and natural pure flavor with production technique called Tetra Pak which is good for consumer’s health. The latest main trio products of Betrimex: Cocoxim Pure Coconut Water, Cocoxim Organic Coconut Water and Cocoxim Coconut Milk are predicted to served global consumers’ variable buying trend right at THAIFEX 2018 market. Thanks to the new trios, Betrimex was honourably ranked to Top 50 in the category of creative and breakthrough products.

The certifications of product quality of Betrimex completely taken the trust from consumers and also partnership and have a stable fundament to go further on the international market.

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