Coconut is a familiar tree grown in our country for a long time and has very high economic value. Understanding that, Betrimex has made coconut become the main source of nutrients in the production of food. Betrimex has made good use of the tangible value as well as the intangible value of coconut. So how did Betrimex do it?

Existing values ​​of coconut trees

In the past, coconut trees existed next to humans. Referring to the coconut is often reminiscent of many familiar image such as: coconut water drink, coconut rope, old coconut house, copra with coconut cake, or coconut indispensable tray in five fruits on Tet.

Coconut trees

Normally, all parts of the coconut and parts of the coconut are utilized, so this is the tree of life as the tree of life.
White rice is edible and is used in fresh or dried form in some dishes.
Pure coconut water is used as a refreshing drink, especially on hot weather. In addition, many recent studies have shown that coconut water is rich in nutrients such as: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals ... Therefore, drinking coconut water can provide energy and electrolyte balance. solution. In the cuisine, coconut water is also a raw material for processing delicious dishes with strong flavor.

Coconut juice is a juice extracted from coconut milk has been scraped. Coconut milk is widely used in the cuisine in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. Many people also use the residue of coconut fiber left over to feed the cattle. Coconut candy, coconut jam, coconut cream ... are the ideal dessert products when referring to coconut.
Ropes, carpets, brushes, boat mosaics, gardening fillers ... are the products that coconut fiber or coconut pieces can work. In particular, coconut shells, coconut fiber used to burn charcoal.

Coconut shells can be used to make activated carbon diversified into many areas of life.

The intangible value that coconut trees bring

Coconut trees

The tangible value of the coconut brings many practical benefits to human life. However, few people notice that coconut trees have equally important invisible values.

It can be said that the occupation helps to earn income for the people of Ben Tre that is the coconut. The coconut planted, made friends with the farmers and brought their income. Seasonal seasons, saline water intrusion or coconut "invasive" coconut can affect the productivity of coconut trees, so the income of farmers is so precarious. But with the experience and techniques of caring for the perennial coconut, they can manage the situation to overcome the difficulties caused by the weather. The spiritual value that coconut trees can bring to these people is very meaningful.
However, it is not the time for farmers to pass. There was a time when coconut was constantly dropping because of the competition in the market, which made the farmers hesitant, even wanting to quit.

Coconut milk suppliers

Currently, the trend towards organic beverage is increasing rapidly, so many coconut suppliers have taken advantage of this opportunity to develop and expand their coconut plantations. And in 2017, Betrimex launched a project "10,000 ha of organic coconut for farmers", creating a new flourishing for coconut farming.

Many leading coconut suppliers are now aiming for a sustainable linkage between farmers and businesses, including Betrimex. Besides investing in the plant's waste treatment system to limit the impact on the surrounding ecological environment, the project "10,000 ha of organic coconut for farmers" of Betrimex also help farmers apply. organic farming techniques according to American and European standards, and at the same time product prices are higher than the market 5% -10%.
So far, Betrimex has attracted more than 3,100 farm households and signed purchase contracts for these households, contributing to the creation of jobs and income for them. At the same time, Betrimex has organized training courses on organic coconut cultivation techniques in a standardized way, providing farmers with agricultural supplies, fertilizers and biological insecticides periodically to ensure the product. Approved organic standards.

By these activities, Betrimex has contributed to the improvement of people's lives, more importantly, to bring the enthusiasm and hope of farmers to raise the value of Ben Tre coconut to the world through the products themselves. Cocoxim quality.

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