Betrimex is a prestige coconut juice brand in Vietnam market. Betrimex uses modern technologies in processing coconut milk, ensuring the best quality products to consumers. How coconut milk is processed at the Betrimex plant?

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Coconut Milk Of Betrimex Company

Betrimex uses UHT pasteurization technology in processing coconut milk

UHT technology (Ultra High Temperature) is a new invention for the canning industry, liquid foods that are sterilized and disinfected by high temperature treatment and refrigeration. Fast in a very short time.
Taking advantage of this, Betrimex has applied UHT technology in the process of processing coconut milk. After pre-processing and pressing juice, the coconut milk will be passed through the UHT pasteurization and cooling system and then packaged. The use of this technology brings many benefits:
- Maintain the maximum essential nutrients in coconut water
- Keeps the natural aroma of coconut milk
- Complete sterilization, ensuring food hygiene and safety for consumers
- With UHT technology, Betrimex coconut milk products meet the standards for export to the world market

Betrimex uses Tetrapak technology in the process of packing coconut milk

Coconut milk Of Betrimex Company

To ensure the quality of coconut milk during packaging, transportation and storage, Betrimex uses Tetrapak packaging technology. Packaging Tetrapak has a very light graft film for the purpose of sterile products, preventing the penetration of bacteria.
Besides, Tetrapak also has the advantage of being lightweight, environmentally friendly and convenient to use.
Main composition of the bag because of Tetrapak:
The box is made up of 6 layers and resin coated
The three layers are cardboard and plastic (75%), polyethylene (20%) and aluminum foil (5%).
Aluminum layer is the highlight of the box, it has the effect of preserving the coconut milk at room temperature for a long time.
3 most prominent benefits of Betrimex coconut milk

Useful of coconut milk

Coconut milk can be processed to replace cow's milk daily: Today many people can not tolerate lactose (sugar in milk) can not use cow's milk. So coconut milk will be a perfect replacement because this is a completely natural drink. Especially coconut milk can be used in the processing of bean milk, pastries, ...
Good for health: Coconut milk contains anti-cancer and anti-viral substances. Not only that, using coconut milk regularly will help you increase the resistance to the body, supplement the source of Lauric acid for health.
Beauty Care: Today coconut milk has become an indispensable ingredient in beauty products such as shower gel, cleanser, ... In hair care, thanks to the natural oil components. Coconut milk is also used in products such as shampoo, conditioner, etc.

With its outstanding advantages, coconut milk branded with Betrimex has become more and more popular with consumers, not only in the domestic market but also in the international market.

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