Betrimex chooses Ben Tre as its supplier of Organic Coconuts and is in the process of implementing a project to expand the "10,000ha Organic Coconut Grove to Farmers" based on linking and working with farmers in Ben Tre to create the price. 

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The organic standard applied by Betrimex for the cultivation of coconut and coconut water

Betrimex Coconut Water

Organic standards have been tested, evaluated and applied by Betrimex with strict control. Here are five Organic criteria in coconut cultivation in Ben Tre to have the best source for coconut products Coconut Coconut of Betrimex:
Biodiversity: Organic agriculture encourages organisms and plants to live together in the same habitat. This is important in enhancing natural enemies of plants, maintaining soil fertility and preventing diseases. It can be said that this is a mutual relationship that has a positive impact on the development of the crop. In the coconut gardens in Ben Tre farmers applied Betrimex method training is to use natural enemies such as parasitic bees and yellow ants can prevent the pests of coconut trees, support coconut during the pollination process.
Buffer zone: Buffer zone is the area between the field and the field, from one area to another. Between the coconut gardens, the buffer zone plays an important role in protecting coconuts from the risk of chemical contamination from neighboring areas.

Betrimex Coconut Water

Parallel production: To avoid the confusion between organic and conventional coconuts, the Organic standard does not allow the planting of other plants with the same organic species.
Genetically modified materials / organisms: These materials / organisms have been studied as being genetically altered according to human subjective wishes, or generated by the process of gene transfer in nature. These materials / organisms are not used in organic farming.

Betrimex & Project "10,000ha Organic Coconut Garden for Farmers"

Betrimex Coconut Water

By the year 2016, Betrimex has launched the international market of Coconut Organic and received the support and trust of consumers. This is the opportunity for Betrimex to make the decision to launch this product in the domestic market. In the face of strong market demand for organic coconut products, Betrimex launched the "10,000 ha Organic Coconut" project for farmers in Ben Tre,
With this long-term project, Betrimex wants to secure inputs for its production process, bringing a new opportunity, improving the quality of life for farmers in Ben Tre when their coconuts are raised. niu, care to the product bold incense Vietnam and reach out to the world.
In addition, the project "10,000 ha organic coconut garden for farmers" is also a prerequisite for improving the ecological system is more pure and green, promising to bring Coconut products Coconut delicious and nutritious. Best. This is also a gift for the health of everyone.

Organic Cocoxim coconut is the result of a lot of effort from people in Ben Tre coconut capital has been with Betrimex throughout the development.

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