Having the experience of exporting Cocoxim Organic coconut water to over 20 countries, BETRIMEX is laying their eyes focused on expanding their coconut farming area to over 10,000 hectares by 2020.

Nowadays, there is a significant public concern about the overusing of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in modern agriculture making customers consider new changes to consume healthier food for a better lifestyle. This social evolution is making organic food a new trend. In fact, in 2017, 44% of Americans have shifted their diets to organic food which increases the product sales in the market to 90 billion worldwide. Not only Americans, people in developed countries like the UK, Japan, Switzerland, etc. are gradually gearing towards the use of organic food to protect their well-being. In 2017, Switzerland became the No.1 country in the world in term of organic food consumption per capita, followed by Denmark and Sweden.

Developed countries in the world are gradually shifting to consume more organic food.

Developed countries in the world are gradually shifting to consume more organic food.

Consumers become more careful when choosing daily food for their family. Their biggest priority now is to stay away from dirty food, especially milk and meats made from farms that are overusing chemical products. Drinks from natural ingredients produced by organic farming methods or traditional techniques without pesticides and antibiotics are gradually favored to retain the original delicious tastes.

Following the new consumer needs for healthy food, Ben Tre Import-Export Joint Stock Company (BETRIMEX) has been setting their eyes on developing organic coconut farming methods to produce a new line of product from organic coconut water named Cocoxim Organic.

BETRIMEX, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of coconut water, is bringing Ben Tre’s coconuts to participate in a worldwide playground.

From an alluvial-rich strip of land on the bank of Mekong River, Ben Tre established itself as the land of coconuts owning more than 50% of the coconut farming area in the country. The province plays a major part in helping Vietnam ranking the 8th in the world in term of coconut production reaching 1.2 billion coconuts per year.

Based on Ben Tre’s blessed natural land advantages, BETRIMEX has become a pioneer in building coconuts farms specializing in organic methods. Its farming area is provisionally estimated to reach 10,000 hectares by 2020.

BETRIMEX deployed its organic farming techniques under strict U.S. and European criteria such as banning chemical fertilizers and pesticides in favor of non-chemical plant protection products, etc. The farmers who join the BETRIMEX’s organic farming project were provided adequate training and qualified resources while enjoying lucrative pricing policies which are 5-10% higher than the market.

The Organic Coconut Farms of BETRIMEX are evaluated and certified by Peterson Control Union – the global network specializing in agricultural inspections. Hence, BETRIMEX products are granted Organic certificates provided by USDA and EU.

The Cocoxim Organic contains 100% of organic coconut water made of the organic coconuts from their project  "10,000 hectares organic coconut farms for local farmers”. The coconut water, then, was canned by the modern production line of Tetra Pak and processed under UHT’s latest sterilized technology. Therefore, final products can hold up to the original taste while retaining many useful vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

Crucially, the products also do not use any kind of preservatives, food coloring products or condensed coconut milk during production. Cocoxim Organic is now available in over 20 countries and territories in the world.

BETRIMEX is setting its mission not only to produce safe drinks such as coconut water Cocoxim Organic, it also want to ensure financial sustainability for local farmers and bring fame and pride for the province for delivering Ben Tre coconuts around the world.

Cocoxim Organic is produced entirely from organic-quality farming area.

BETRIMEX’s chairwoman – Ms. Dao Thi Thien Thanh said: "BETRIMEX is committed to making products from high quality and organic coconuts. Our project to develop the organic coconuts farming area of 10,000 hectares by the year 2020 is considered a long-term strategy to bring coconut water, a Vietnamese traditional drink containing many useful vitamins and minerals to the menu in restaurants all over the world. "

On August 15, BETRIMEX had released their coconut water brand Cocoxim Organic made of 100% organic coconut water nationwide. The product also has been exported more than 20 countries around the world and received many compliments from highly demanding markets such as USA, Japan, England, Australia, etc.

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