Coconut oil is one of the most versatile materials for beauty, health care, cooking ... However, not everyone knows how to process coconut oil properly, now there are two methods of processing oil Pure coconut popular:

  1. Method of processing coconut oil at home
  2. The method of processing coconut oil with cold pressing technology

Let Betrimex learn the pros / cons of these two methods.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

1. What is virgin coconut oil?

Pure coconut oil is coconut oil extracted from the copra's coconut which is old enough for production, when coconut oil has the highest content of oil and nutrients in coconut oil to the best quality.
In the process of producing pure coconut oil, it does not produce heat to keep all nutrients and does not use any chemicals.
Natural white coconut oil and natural aroma, do not use any color detergent or odor, ensuring safety when used.

2. Process of processing virgin coconut oil at home

The home-made coconut oil process is used by the housewives to create the most pure and easiest virgin coconut oil.
- Easy to do with simple procedures
- Save money with cheap and easy to find materials
- Save time because of simple procedures and do at home
- Not much effort
- You often buy coconut scraped in the market, so it is difficult to control the food safety
- According to the comparative ratio of the nutrients of coconut oil, the coconut oil is processed by the method of home is of low quality and often lose many of the natural nutrients available in the coconut.
- Home-made: Boil the coconut milk at high temperature for a long time, thus leading to the loss of minerals and natural vitamins. No longer able to keep the nutrients.
And it is not safe to use coconut oil as a cosmetic for skin care, hair ....
- The smell of coconut oil is not aromatic and easily oxidized if used for too long
- Coconut oil is slightly yellowish in color (light yellow or dark depending on the quality of coconut and cooking).

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

3. Method of processing virgin coconut oil with cold pressing technology

This is the most advanced method used by companies to produce the purest coconut oil products are the most standard.
- The production process for extracting coconut oil is completely free of heat (not at low temperature) so the nutrients in coconut oil are kept intact. Coconut oil has natural whiteness and natural aroma
- Keep the nutrients in the coconut oil
- To ensure food hygiene and safety for consumers
- Environmentally friendly production technology
- Can be easily produced in large quantities and bring high economic efficiency to the coconut farmers.

- Can not do it for the individual
- Manufactured on a modern production line, the process takes a lot of time
- Price is more expensive but guaranteed to bring the purest coconut oil to consumers.

Thus, with the sharing of advantages and disadvantages of the two methods of processing coconut oil popular on you have to choose which method is best. And no matter what method, food safety and hygiene to protect your health and family should still be prioritized offline!

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