Pure coconut oil is known to be a very good oil and has many useful uses in everyday life. Take a look at the great uses of pure coconut oil in the share from Betrimex!

1. Massage and relax
Pure coconut oil is used by the Spa as a massage for the body, giving a feeling of relaxation and relaxation for customers. Coconut oil massage helps the body to circulate blood, stabilize the lungs with a great health and full of vitality.
2. Acne treatment for puberty
With the ingredient Lauric Acid, coconut oil has very good antimicrobial properties, especially the bacteria that cause acne in puberty. Applying coconut oil twice a week will help you to reduce acne significantly
3. An excellent moisturizer
Coconut oil moisturizes the skin, especially the dry skin. For damaged skin, coconut oil will help restore the health and elasticity of the skin quickly without irritation.
4. Exfoliate the skin
Dark skin and deep lips are the obsession of many girls, so exfoliating with coconut oil regularly will improve your skin and bring a rosy complexion.
5. Effective stretch marks
Stretch marks are a common problem in pregnant women. Pregnant mothers can use coconut oil to apply on reticulated skin to help reduce stretch marks. Especially, pure coconut oil is very safe for the fetus so the mother does not worry about affecting the baby

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6. Wipe off wrinkles
Massage wrinkles with coconut oil will make the wrinkles fade, bring aesthetics for your face.
7. Cure inflammation of the fungus
Coconut oil has the ability to inhibit the activity of bacteria, so it will quickly heal fungal infections from the inside to the outside.
8. Makeup removal
Applying the coconut oil on your face will help you to remove the make-up and bring a healthy glow to you.
9. Clears dark circles
The composition of coconut oil contains antioxidants that will help reduce dark circles
10. Sickness
If you regularly get nosebleeds, apply a little coconut oil in your nostrils, doing this every day you will find effective.
11. Dissolve the anxiety of the mouth
If you have heat fever, apply a little coconut oil to the heat to relieve pain and prevent inflammation.
12. Efficacy in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Using a spoonful of pure coconut oil during meals will prevent heartburn, heartburn.

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13. Helps strong bones
Coconut oil is an effective source of calcium and magnesium to help keep bones healthy.
14. Cooking materials
Using coconut oil instead of other oils will help your food to add flavor and ensure good health of the family.
15. Bring a slim body
Coconut oil supports very well in weight loss, providing ideal weight for girls
16. Clean the oral cavity
Gargling with pure coconut oil every morning will help you get rid of bacteria in the oral cavity, prevention of gingivitis, gingivitis.
17. Alzheimer's disease
According to research and clinical trials, coconut oil has the potential to improve and slow down the development of this disease.
18. Urinary tract infections
Coconut oil will help treat urinary tract infections or pain relievers in kidney stones very effectively
19. Toothache
Coconut oil helps you to reduce toothache effectively and improve the health of your teeth.

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20. Add energy
Coconut oil with good fat content will help to add a great source of energy for your body
21. Deodorize effectively
Coconut oil is a natural deodorant that is non-toxic, so that you can more effectively mix coconut oil with cornstarch or salt
22. Purple bruise
Coconut oil has the effect of melting bruises quickly, cured bruised skin.
23. Can be used as toothpaste
You can mix coconut oil with baking soda as a mixture of toothpaste, make your teeth white and bright.
24. Get rid of chickenpox
Coconut oil has the potential to relieve the pain and itching of chickenpox.
25. Reduce appetite
Using a spoonful of coconut oil before meals will help reduce appetite, effectively supporting your weight loss process.
26. Sore throat
Prevent swelling and painful infection of sore throat symptoms.
27. Earache
Mixing coconut oil with garlic oil will help relieve pain and reduce swelling of the ear
28. Diaper rash
Placing coconut oil on a diaper rash in young children will help to heal the skin and coconut oil is very safe with the skin of young children.
29. Hawksbill Turtles in the Elderly
Coconut oil works on any skin that has dark spots, pigmentation, age spots. It blurs the dots and has powerful antioxidant effects.
30. Acute seborrheic dermatitis in infants
Coconut oil is safe for babies, which helps to reduce itching, pain or peeling of the newborn
With over 30 wonderful uses, coconut oil deserves to be in your medicine cabinet. However, for safety and non-irritating use, you should choose pure coconut oil as it does not contain harmful chemicals, safe for both pregnant women and infants.

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